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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Einstein believes this to be true, and we couldn’t agree more. Not too long ago, we noticed that we weren’t getting enough information about  brand and identity of some of our clients during their initial design brief stage. We took a hard look at the brief and realized that we weren’t asking enough of the right questions.

To better guide clients through the branding process and craft a solid and unique identity, we conducted a complete overhaul of the brief with the following improvements:


Our new brief includes verbiage to effectively communicate the importance of building a strong brand identity, which consists more than just and understanding of the product/service. It is the complete perception of the product/service offering in the marketplace, including an implied promise to your customers that yours will consistently meet or exceed their expectations.


Brands elicit emotions and feelings. They also provide a sense of familiarity and reliability in a crowded marketplace. We carefully analyzed and selected the best set of questions to help us understand the feelings and associations that your business should evoke.


To top off the update, we scrapped the fillable PDF form and did what we do best; integrate it with the website. Now, clients can send fill out and send the Branding/Identity Brief through a simple form on the website.

Business identity relates to the internal components of a company — how it’s organized, its values, and how it is perceived in the marketplace. Branding, on the other hand, relates to how consumers feel about the company. Do consumers trust the company will provide a quality product or service? The feelings and emotions consumers associate with a brand apply to external factors that the corporate identity can influence.

At Digital Innovations Web Design, we believe arriving at a strong brand identity is a methodical process. A process that is not only creative but analytical at the same time.

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