Do you currently use a website to promote yourself or business? It doesn’t matter what sort of product you have to offer – if you want to increase viewership to your site, and bring more awareness to what you’re selling or offering, then you ought to explore using videos on your website. Videos are a great tool to really help you stand out from the competition. It’s also a great way to offer easy to understand information quickly. However, before you start uploading, it’s important to learn just how to use these great assets.

It’s true: Adding videos to your existing website in order to get more traffic is imperative. However, it’s equally significant to ensure you add and use them properly. After all, you want to maintain a certain level of professional service, no doubt. You want potential customers or clients to take you seriously.

First things first, it’s time to get creative. If you want your product (and yourself) to really make a splash in an overcrowded market, then you need to do something that other companies and business aren’t doing.

While most websites offer an “About” section, not many utilize videos to really let their personalities shine. You’re already introducing yourself with content, why not talk directly to your viewers through a video? This will really allow you to show your unique personality, as well as prove that you’re one of a kind. Don’t forget: Content is (and will most likely always) king. Therefore, still write about yourself, but also provide a video for visitors who prefer that option.

If you have a website, then you most likely already know how import blogging is, yes? If you don’t blog, how do you expect to A) Connect with fans, clients, customer, etc.? and B) Get Google to rank you? Yet, blogging is getting less popular, as vlogging (video blogging) is starting to take over! Now, don’t just write about it, but film it! Video blogging can be a great way to show more of your brand’s personality, as well as speak directly to those who are following you. Not to mention, if you’re offering tips or a “how to guide,” you can show visitors what to do, instead of just writing about it.

This next idea is perfect for those who have a product to offer . . . Show your product in use! Instead of just writing about it (which, let’s face facts, is basically just another form of written directions), show how to properly use it, and get the absolute most out of it. People will be more inclined to buy whatever it is you’re selling – no matter what it may be – if they can actually see how it works, and that it really does work.

How often do you currently update your site? Your viewers want to see new things, especially those who frequently visit your landing page. They don’t just want to read about it – they want to see it! While pictures and images are a great tool for this agenda, too, videos are even better! Use videos to talk about and address any sort of highlights or ventures that are happening with you and your product. Share as much as you can with visitors, but share with videos, and not just content.

Lastly, if you plan to add multiple videos to your site (which you should), then you need to have a proper location for them. Consider dedicating an entire tab on your website to just videos. Most visitors want a site that is clean and easy to view, not hard to navigate. By having the videos in one place, viewers may stay on your site longer, as they’ll easily be able to see that there are several videos to watch.

If you want to be the best, then it’s important to use the best tactics for your business. Help your website (and following) grow by incorporating videos on to your landing page. While content is still important, times have changed. Visitors don’t want to just read about it – they want to see it, and even hear it! Give your fans, customers, clients, etc. a reason to visit your website, and then stay on your website for a long period of time. Get creative, have fun, and make the change! It will be well worth your while!

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