By: Mae Demdam
At Zen Den we’re not the hoodie wearing, Cheetos eating type, although we like both, nor are we Bosu ball sitting and the “shoes off” meeting kind of agency either. We’re a creative agency with individual personalities working together in our best version of a “zen-like” state, but that doesn’t mean we don’t succumb to some of the popular unhealthy work habits.

Since we’re always sharing ideas of how we can improve as a company we thought we’d divulge on the top Unhealthy Work Habits and how to break them:

Staying Put– This habit is visible in any job setting whether you’re in a corporate office environment, hospital, bank, anywhere really if you don’t get up from your desk and move around you are encouraging some unhealthy tendencies.

Lack of blood flow
Poor posture
Weight gain
Low Morale
We suggest getting up and moving around. Although it may seem silly to get up and walk around the office a bit sometimes it’s necessary to get you out of “production” mode. Immersing yourself in work can be a bad thing.

Here’s some ways to get moving:

Get a stand up desk
Engage with co-workers at the water cooler
Grab a cup of coffee
Step outside
Take a call standing up
Eating at your desk– Guilty as charged! Our team often eats at our desks because of space constraints, but with weather permitting we’ve begun to take lunch to the streets and enjoy our little neighborhood park, Patricia’s Green. When you eat at your desk it can lead to the following:

Contamination (Did you know your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet?)
Unhealthy food choices
It may seem like poor work ethic to leave a project hanging while you step out for lunch, but despite what you may think, that break is necessary. Even if you bring a lunch, step away from your desk and find a new spot to eat. If your office doesn’t have a break room, find an outdoor dining area or a cafeteria setting nearby. Either way don’t eat hovered over your keyboard.

Messy Desks– Things can get chaotic during the workday, thus sticky notes, crumpled papers, stacks or books, etc is normal, but keeping it this way isn’t. Having an unorganized work space can lead to additional stress, anxiety, and also harbors germs. It’s important to learn to let things go, throw away unnecessary papers, clean off your desk with anti-bacterial wipes and organize your files once a week. Not only will you feel accomplished, but when you return to work the next week you’ll come back to a neutral and clean environment.

Laptops– Although these machines are becoming the necessary device to use in the work space they can lead to negative effects. Having a laptop means you have a mobile machine which seems great, but many of us may not be using them wisely, i.e. propping them on our laps or hunching over the keyboard or pulling the screens extremely close to our faces. If you use a laptop try to purchase a tray to elevate the machine as it may improve posture. Make sure your laptop sits in a position that isn’t causing neck pain. Practice chair yoga through the day so you’re joints and muscles don’t stiffen.

Snackingwork snack stash with healthy items like fresh fruit, granola, yogurt and vegetables. Start a healthy office eating campaign and get everyone on board.

Remember a company is only as good as it’s best employees and to be the best you have to take care of yourselves. The majority of our lives are spent at work, thus we need to break the bad work habits to improve our overall health and wellness.

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