By: Chad Bell
The company logo functions to establish identity and boost sales – it is often one of the first and most important things every company must consider. In many cases, a logo update is called for every ten years or so to keep up with modern design trends and business logo styles. While little tweaks here and there are strongly encouraged, frequent or radical logo updates are not advisable as it may corrode brand recognition. If you are wondering how your logo stacks up against a few highly recognized brands, consider these top 4 logo design strategies:

Minimal Fonts– currently one of the most popular logo design trends applied by designers, minimal style fonts emphasize typography to depict a web2 or user-centered focus. A technique based mainly around basic and equally sized shapes, the use of fewer elements in font design is effective in producing content that is easy to read and understand.

3D Effects– often used to introduce new concepts, 3D graphics can be extremely effective in communicating modernization. Where simple transparency and basic design shapes meet, lies the organic effect of visual stimulation. The secret behind its appeal is its ability to create logos that “pop”.

Waves- used to inject flexibility and flow to designs, this trend is not to be ignored. By employing a fade technique of colors, waves function to depict movement.

Transparency– arguably one of the best design tactics, transparency has remained fashionable throughout the years. Elegant and unique logos are developed using the various depth-enhancing elements of transparency.

For businesses to continue thriving in the new decade, it is vital to keep up with design trends. When successfully applied, these strategies improve and modernize company appearance to retain existing interest and attract new generations of consumers.

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