By: Mae Demdam
Our innovators, designers, creative thinkers, strategists AND most importantly animal lovers, are so proud to have been chosen to redesign AltTox.org’s (in partnership with The Humane Society of the United States) website.

The goal of this collaboration is to bring their current website up to date, make it responsive, and create an inviting atmosphere focused around education and information. As an international resource and platform focused on non animal toxicology testing, AltTox presented a need to maintain credible within their industry yet enhance their online presence and user experience with a clean, organized, and modern look. Partnerships with large organizations such as The Humane Society of the US and Procter & Gamble, create the need to re-identify the brand, increase traffic and user interactions and contributions to the website, and create a stronger position as the top information provider in their industry.

“It’s great to have the opportunity to work with an organization such as AltTox and to improve their current website. Unfortunately educational and informational websites haven’t always been known for their innovations in web design. We’re looking forward to updating the AltTox website, redesigning their logo and creating a more youthful online identity that is geared to reach a broader audience,”
says Chad Bell, President at Zen Den Web Design.

About Zen Den Web Design:
Zen Den is an a creative web design and development agency that aims to “Bring Zen to the Web”. Our goal is to create innovative and forward-thinking websites and eCommerce solutions that are powerful, clutter free, and easy to navigate. Our client focused solutions employ top open source platforms and technology in the industry. Request a Quote Now!

About AltTox:
AltTox is an informational online platform with an international audience focused on promoting the regulatory use of non-animal methods by providing the most up-to-date information about these methods and the policies affecting their use. They also provide an outlet for discussions of ideas and thoughts about the developments and use of non-animal methods. “AltTox.org is a website dedicated to advancing non-animal methods of toxicity testing through online discussion and information exchange.” To learn more, please visit AltTox.org.

Image Credit: Cesarsway.com

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