Need to manage your company newsletters and want full control to customize design and functionality? Well, you can use a WordPress newsletter plugin which will integrate seamlessly with your existing WordPress website and make your email marketing campaigns a breeze.

With a range of customizable features a newsletter plugin can be a powerful addition to your bussiness’ website. In addition, with a 3rd party SMTP you can leverage WordPress to send 10,000’s of newsletters without getting your ip address blacklisted or your server shut down.

So, what does the plugin do?

– allows you to gather unlimited email subscribers
– organize subscribers into multiple mailing lists
– easily access email subscribers and send unlimited emails to various mailing lists
– easily upload media fully customize the design of multiple newsletters
– integrates easily with custom forms on your WP site

Keep track of your mailing lists performance
– Email tracking statistics (How many were read)
– Admin email notifications keeps informed of all events (When someone unsubscribes)

There are many 3rd party newsletter services such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Although they are great services they often fall short when users need custom functionality.

Ben at Gold Rush Stores came to us because his marketing and sales team needed a custom newsletter application which collects specific demographic data from their customers via a form on the company website. Zen Den Web Design had previously designed and developed the corporate website using the power of WordPress so we were able to easily find a custom solution for Gold Rush’s needs.

Now, with specific data pulled from a WordPress form, the marketing team is able to sort and create targeted mailing lists. In addition, SMTP.com handles all outgoing mail so 10,000’s of emails can be blasted throughout the day.

Complete list of features to meet your email marketing needs:
– Multiple Mailing Lists
– Bounce Email Management
– Newsletter Queue & Scheduling
– Newsletter Templates
– Complete Email History
– Unlimited Sidebar Widgets
– Post/Page Opt- In Embedding
– Offsite Subscription Forms
– Publish Newsletter as a Post
– Send Post as a Newsletter
– Add Email Attachments
– SMTP Authentication
– Gmail SMTP Capability
– Ajax Powered Features
– Import/Export Subscribers
– Custom Dynamic Opt- In Fields
– Paid Subscriptions (PayPal)
– Unlimited Subscribers/Contacts
– Email Tracking
– IP Logging of Subscribers
– Updates Notification
– WordPress 3.0 Compatible
– POP/IMAP Bounce Handling
– Unlimited emails/newsletters
– Much more!

So, take advantage of all the CMS advantages that a WordPress website has to offer!

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